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Jamaican accused of using fake papers to get valid passport

An illegal immigrant obtained two Bahamian passports by using a forged birth certificate, prosecutors say.

However, Tian Russell, also known as Tian Benduras, claims he was born here. On the other hand, prosecutors say he’s Jamaican.

Immigration officers arrested Russell on November 25 after receiving a tip that he was in the country illegally.

To prove his status, Russell presented his Bahamian birth certificate, two Bahamian e-passports—one in the name Tian Russell and the other in the name Tian Benduras, a voter’s card and Bahamian driver’s license.

However, investigations revealed that the birth certificate was a forgery. He’s accused of using the fake birth certificate to obtain the other documents.

Russell denied the charges at his arraignment before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes, who refused bail.

He returns to court in March 2021 for trial.

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