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Jailed for selling conch salad

A businessman and his employee spent the night in a police station for selling conch salad during the two-week lockdown.

Cops nabbed David Humes, 36, and his worker, Noel Villa, 30, outside F2K Lounge on University Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon.

Humes was preparing conch salad orders for delivery since his primary business, Supa Kutz Barber Shop, has been shuttered due to coronavirus restrictions.

Humes and Villa appeared in court in shackles, as if they were violent criminals.

They pleaded guilty to ignoring the lockdown and operating a non-essential business. Humes admitted to a third charge of failing to wear a mask in public.

A magistrate slapped fines of $1,200 on Humes and $500 on Villa. They paid the money to avoid serving two months in prison.

Both men now have criminal records and lighter pockets as police enforce a lockdown that threatens the survival of small business owners.

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