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Island Pay holding up on unemployment payments

Island Pay is holding up on the unemployment benefit payments of many unemployed Bahamians and is pointing the finger at the National Insurance Board for the delay.

The Gallery has been informed that NIB sent government assistance payments to Island Pay last Thursday. However, one week later, the funds have not been disbursed.

Island Pay is the company working with the National Insurance Board to distribute benefit payments through its digital wallet.

Unemployed persons are at their wits end waiting to receive their funds but they have no way of reaching out to the company to make inquiries as Island Pay has no known head office location.

After impacted persons blasted the company on social media, Island Pay posted, “We deeply appreciate that you would like to receive the promised funds from the Government Unemployment Extension Programme. Once we have completed formalities with NIB, funds will be disbursed to you.”

However, beneficiaries of the program did not buy this explanation and are demanding payment from Island Pay.

This isn’t the first time Bahamians relying on unemployment assistance from NIB have encountered issues trying to access their funds from Island Pay.

In August, Island Pay came under fire because all of the digital platform’s kiosks are in locations that were closed during the lockdown, preventing recipients from accessing payments during that period.

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