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Iram Lewis to challenge Minnis leadership

Former Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Iram Lewis, who was one of seven Free National Movement candidates to win a seat in the September 16 General Election, has announced he will run for party leader at the November 27 convention, possibly facing off against Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Minnis has publicly danced around the issue of another leadership run but is said to be making calls drumming up support from 500 council members behind the scenes.

However, Lewis said it is time for a change in the FNM.

The Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama formally announced on Wednesday that he will be offering himself for the post.

As one of seven elected to the House of Assembly for the Free National Movement, Lewis said he is the best option for leader with his style of being a servant leader, willingness to listen and including dissenting opinions.

It is rumored that FNM MP Michael Pintard and former Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands may also make a play for party leader.

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