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Immigration misleading public over infected officers

An infected immigration officer is crying foul after Immigration Director Clarence Russell told the public today that six infected immigration officers and their families are receiving counseling from a clinical psychologist retained by the department.

“A Clinical Psychologist has been retained by the Department as support for all officers and their respective families. Sessions have been held with affected officers and families, both in group and in individual sessions at the Departmentʼs expense,” according to Russell.

However, one of the infected officers says that is not true. The officer said they have yet to hear from a clinical psychologist offering support and the same goes for their family members.

They are questioning if any other infected officer was contacted. Immigration officers are also concerned that there are no protocols in place that dictate how they interact with the public, particularly illegal migrants who are screened but not tested for the coronavirus after they are apprehended.

This week, a Jamaican national apprehended in Bimini was transported to New Providence by officers who have no way of knowing if that person is infected.

It’s the second time the public has been misled by immigration officials this week alone. On Tuesday, Minister Elsworth Johnson said 30 immigration officers tested positive for COVID-19 but Russell said Johnson got it wrong and six officers are really infected.

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