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Hundreds possibly exposed to court staffer with coronavirus

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A court marshall at the Magistrates’ Court Complex, who tested positive for COVID-19, could have potentially exposed hundreds of people.

It will be nearly impossible for health officials to track down the scores of people who have come into contact with the positive case.

Staff learned that the worker had contracted the highly contagious and potentially deadly virus on Friday, prompting the early closure of the building.

The building is supposed to be deep cleaned and sanitized over the weekend and court operations are expected to resume as normal on Tuesday. Yet, as part of his duties, the staff member comes into contact with many people. The worker takes temperature checks and directs people to wash their hands as they enter the complex on South Street. He also arranges seating in court and interacts with inmates and lawyers.

These people are in the dark about who the positive case is. Therefore, they don’t know if they should quarantine or get tested.

Health officials have said that workplace transmission is responsible for the spike in coronavirus cases, particularly in New Providence.

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