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UPDATE: Police: no remains found in fire

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Though police initially reported that human remains had been discovered in an abandoned building ravaged by fire on Bay Street on Friday afternoon, officers now claim that information surrounding human remains was “unfounded”.

At around 3:26pm, the fire branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force received reports of a fire on Bay Street near Government Publication.

Eight officers responded in three fire trucks and met the two-story stone structure engulfed in flames.

Though no one was injured, several vehicles parked near the burning building were either destroyed or damaged.

A body has just been discovered inside an abandoned building that was set ablaze on Bay Street on Friday.

The burning building is located next to Government Publication on East Bay Street.

Firefighters are on the scene and have extinguished the fire.

Upon their search of the building, officers discovered the human remains.

Further details to follow.

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