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House Speaker shops in Kelly’s after Parliament staffer tests positive

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Despite concerns that Members of Parliament and Parliamentary employees were exposed to a female worker who has tested positive for COVID-19, House Speaker Halson Moultrie was seen shopping in Kelly’s Home Centre shortly after 1pm Tuesday.

Moultrie told the press he plans to get tested and urged other parliamentarians to follow suit. However this did not stop him from going shopping today.

He said other staff members of Parliament should also get tested.

Employees learned today that the woman was infected. They are upset that the Speaker and House Clerk never bothered to inform them that their colleague was feeling ill and had been tested for the virus.

Staff members fear that they and all members of parliament present for the most recent House sitting last Wednesday may have been exposed.

Moultrie is not the first member of parliament to go shopping after possibly being exposed to an employee. Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd and his wife left their 14-day quarantine early to shop in Supervalue Cable Beach.

It has made the average Bahamian question whether Covid-19 orders only apply to the small man.

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