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House Speaker Halson Moultrie quits FNM

Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie has severed ties with the governing Free National Movement. He is the third FNM MP to resign since the party’s 2017 General Election win.

Moultrie has been a harsh critic of his own party, lashing the Minnis Administration for keeping him cooped up in a rundown office on Parliament Street and for Parliament’s lack of independence from the executive branch of government.

As the FNM begins ratifying candidates for the next election, it became glaringly obvious that Moultrie would not receive another party nomination for Nassau Village.

Reading the writing on the wall, Moultrie resigned from the FNM and announced he will serve in Parliament as an independent member.

He joins Centreville MP Reece Chipman who resigned from the FNM and became an independent. Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller also left the FNM to become an independent MP but later joined the opposition Progressive Liberal Party.

Moultrie said in his letter to FNM Secretary General Sefrent Rolle, he will consult with his wife and his constituents to determine whether he will seek re-election.

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