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Health: COVID-19 spread highest among uniformed branches

Exposure to coronavirus in the workplace is highest among members of the uniformed branches, namely police officers, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Health on Monday.

“When we look at exposure of the contacts, exposure is occurring between family members and in the workplace,” according to Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis.

Workplace accounts for 21 percent of exposure while family members account for 45 percent.

“It is noteworthy that once again when we look at where it is occurring in the workplace, you see primarily the uniformed branches, healthcare workers, trade utility and construction, they’re the top of the list,” said Dahl-Regis. At the top of the list with 199 cases is the uniformed branches.

Though police officers have arrested Bahamians for simply trying to make a living by selling coconut water roadside, going to the water pump for their families during curfew and not wearing a mask while riding in their vehicle, it turns out officers account for the most infected occupation.

It begs the question are police adhering to safety protocols and taking preventative measures as they arrest the common man.

It contradicts statements made by Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle who said police are not to blame for the spread of the virus.

“The police officers are human beings and I am not going to let people turn them into numbers,” he said.

“None of us are immune to this COVID. I encourage everybody to take care of themselves and do the things that the health people have asked us to do to help prevent the spread of this.”

However, the rampant spread of coronavirus on the police force has resulted in the temporary shutdown of several police offices including Fox Hill and Fort Charlotte Police Stations and Criminal Records Office.

Last week, 85 police officers were quarantine after being exposed to the virus by infected colleagues. Notably, the commissioner has stated how many officers are in quarantine but has repeatedly refused to say how many police officers have tested positive.

The second highest spread is among healthcare professionals, who are exposed to COVID-19 patients daily.

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