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Hank Johnson: “I’m here to stay”

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Amid allegations that he abused his long-suffering wife, Central and South Eleuthera Member of Parliament, Hank Johnson called a secret meeting among his generals in South Eleuthera to address calls for his resignation.

The Generals were in for a rude awakening when Johnson explicitly told them that he was not answering any questions surrounding his private affairs. Many of the generals sucked their teeth and left the meeting.

Johnson told the remaining generals that he has absolutely no intention of resigning.

The irony of the event is that it's rumored that his estranged wife has been also canvassing the generals to denounce the MP and withhold their support.

Trouble continues to brew for the embattled MP.

Though he campaigned on promises of accountability and transparency, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has remained silent on rumors swirling about one of his MPs amid a troubling increase in domestic disputes.

We await the final decision from the Prime Minister as it's rumored that his favorite Chairman is hot to get the nomination.

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