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Half of Eleuthera still without water; business grinds to a halt

Central Eleuthera residents are pleading with the government to help restore their water supply as the island grapples with an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Residents of that community have been without water for nearly one week, which poses serious health risks and has brought business on parts of the island to a screeching halt.

Residents say the source of this issue is Water and Sewerage Corporation Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson who terminated WSC’s contract with General Electric Ionics because GE refused to honor a “word of mouth” instruction to produce additional water.

The PM ordered Gibson to withdraw the letter but the arrogant Gibson is still refusing to release the regular payments owed to GE/Suez for the production of water to residents of Eleuthera. 

Reports are now coming in that Suez may also decrease water supply in other locations such as South Eleuthera.

As a result, all Government Offices in the Central Eleuthera district will shut down as of 1pm.

The Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera remains mum on the matter.

“One whole week on Eleuthera and half the island is without water. This is unhealthy, unhygienic and horrible,” said one resident.

”Water is essential for life. In the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic, our people are already battling a health crisis. The curfews and lockdowns have caused an economic crisis. Without water we will struggle to survive,” said Senator Clay Sweeting.

The frequent washing of hands is a crucial part of the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 but residents can’t even do that or wash soiled clothing and face masks.

“People are tired of the politics. For us, this is a matter of life and death,” he added.

On Tuesday, Eleuthera recorded 10 new cases. The island recorded another new case on Thursday.

“With the healthcare system on the island now fully collapsed, Eleutherans are desperately trying to protect themselves. All clinics on the island are closed and the cost of an emergency flight to Nassau can cost up to $8,000. Without jobs and unemployment at an all time high, people just don’t have that kind of money.”

Residents of Eleuthera are threatening legal action as their lives are at risk.

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