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Gunman on motorcycle shoots woman on traffic light

A woman was shot several times by a gunman who tried to rob her on a traffic light last night.

The female driver and her male companion were at the traffic light on Blue Hill and Carmichael Road around 9pm Wednesday waiting for the red light to turn green when two men on a motorcycle pulled in front of her vehicle.

One of the men jumped off the bike armed with a gun, approached the woman and demanded that she get out of her vehicle.

However, the woman drove off hitting the second man on the bike.

His gunman friend then started shooting at the woman as she tried to get away and shot her several times.

She was transported to hospital via Emergency Medical Services where her condition is listed as “guarded”.

Police arrested one man in connection with the incident.

Gunmen on a motorcycle also shot another man riding a motorbike around that same time.

The victim was riding his motorcycle east along Wulff Road, in the vicinity of Rubis gas station, and attempted to overtake the motorcycle with two men on it. The passenger of the motorcycle pulled out a gun and shot the lone biker several times before he was able to get away.

The victim was taken to the hospital by someone in a private vehicle. He is listed in stable condition.

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