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Government struggling to pay salaries

Public servants could soon be in for a rude awakening as the government is struggling to pay salaries.

Government insiders told the Gallery the government does not know how it will make the next payroll as the country’s economic situation worsens.

The various government agencies have experienced three separate budget cuts in recent months: first by three percent, then by ten percent followed by a 12 percent cut, totaling a 25 percent budget cut.

Some Ministries and departments have experienced more budget cuts than others.

The reality is the government has spent over 150 million dollars in assistance during the pandemic but is barely bringing money in.

With the major resorts closed for the foreseeable future and the tourism industry suffering, there is no telling when the Bahamian economy will rebound or how long thousands of Bahamians will remain unemployed and in need of government assistance.

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest went from stating emphatically a few months ago that public servants would not be impacted by the economic crisis to taking a more cautious tone, saying the government has not made a decision on cuts in the public service.

“At the moment, we still have not made any decisions about the public service and any kind of adjustments there,” Turnquest said in early August.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to sustain our current levels and ensure that persons are able to meet their commitments.”

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