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Government has received $10M in donations since Dorian; $3M remaining

The National Emergency Management Agency has received 10 million dollars in donations since Hurricane Dorian, according to NEMA Director Captain Stephen Russell.

“We have received as much as 10 million dollars into our donations fund from local, regional, international partners and friends of The Bahamas from all around the world who sent funds to the donations. The funds are in part managed through NEMA and the Disaster Reconstruction Authority and the Ministry, “ said Russell.

“In terms of total breakdown, funds are being expended in several areas to provide immediate relief supplies to persons who would’ve been impacted. Donated funds goes to the victims of the disaster and that includes homes, like so the dorm structures we’ve invested in, the mobile trailer homes for government employees who were displaced as a result of Hurricane Dorian in Abaco and in Grand Bahama, to a lesser extent. Persons who would’ve applied through the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, funds were being granted in the tranches of $2,500, $5,000 or $7,500 for persons who would’ve applied for assistance and who are qualified to receive assistance. The funds were being disbursed along those lines, “ according to Russell.

“In terms of the dollar funds, what we have remaining now, probably just over $3M remaining in the donations account. Funds will continue to be disbursed as persons come forward for further assistance in the recovery effort. Some $7M would have been expended to assist persons who would have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian at this time,” said Russell.

110 dome structures were supposed to be erected by last Christmas. However, as of March, only 32 keys to the temporary dome structures had been turned over to residents in Spring City, Abaco.

Just one day before the new hurricane season begins, residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama continue to struggle to rebuild.

Experts have said the 2020 hurricane season will be above normal.

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