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Government Changes Domestic Travel Policy; Travel resumes June 8

Someone clearly told the government that it’s previous policy on inter-island travel was thoughtless and made zero sense because the Office of the Prime Minister announced Monday that people can travel from island to island without a COVID-19 travel card, effective June 8.

Or maybe the power hungry “competent authority” just likes to make things up as he goes along.

According to the old policy, residents on islands with confirmed cases of coronavirus who wanted to travel to other islands, had to obtain a COVID-19 travel card and undergo an examination by an approved physician who must be satisfied that the prospective traveller does not appear to have COVID-19.

The revised policy says, “Passengers travelling from New Providence, Grand Bahama and Bimini by aircraft, mailboat or passenger ferry will be required to complete a standardized travel form and a standardized health form at the time of check-in. These short forms will be used to collect contact information and a COVID-19 risk assessment for health officials.”

“The system announced today will replace the application and assessment process that was initially put in place to accommodate inter-island travel, effective immediately. Those who have already applied will receive travel authorization from the Ministry of Health by email prior to 8 June.

“Individuals travelling aboard pleasure craft and yachts leaving from a marina in New Providence, Grand Bahama or Bimini should submit travel and health forms before departing. If leaving from a private dock, individuals will be required to fill out and submit forms at the point of entry,” according to the OPM statement.

Airlines are able to begin accepting reservations as of Tuesday, June 2.

While he’s at it, let’s hope the almighty and powerful Minister of Health, who only believes in holding national addresses but not press conferences to actually answer questions on some of his illogical decisions, will improve the system at NIB to assist the thousands of people who still haven’t been paid. The NIB Minister is apparently satisfied that because the majority of laid off employees have been paid, that he is doesn’t have to worry about the minority who are still awaiting payments to help put food on the table.

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