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GG hosts big party amid COVID restrictions

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Governor General C. A. Smith, who has declared a state of emergency twice in the last eight months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hosted more than 30 people during a reception at Government House on Wednesday despite the Competent Authority’s warnings to Bahamians not to host social gatherings.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band performed at the event, held at lunchtime for the GG’s volunteer committee members.

Though an event attended by dozens of people would not ordinarily be considered large, it is when grieving families are forced to decide which 10 family members will attend the graveside funeral of a loved one who is buried during Covid-19 restrictions.

If more than 10 family members aren’t allowed to socially distance outdoors in a graveyard to pay their final respects to a deceased loved one, why is the Governor General allowed to host an event with more than 30 people and a band?

The event once again highlights the different set of rules that exist for the rich and powerful and the average Bahamian, who would be fined heavily if caught holding a social gathering.

Police have encouraged the public to call the Confidential Hotline to report social gatherings. Maybe someone should have called the hotline to report the GG’s reception.

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