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GB police officers infected at big party to celebrate promotions

Several police officers on Grand Bahama, including the aide of Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest got infected with COVID-19 after attending a big-time house party last week to celebrate the anniversary of squad mates.

Someone who attended the party told the Gallery that 30 to 40 police officers attended the promotion party but none of them wore masks and there was no social distancing.

The DPM’s aide and his girlfriend, who were at the party, tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday. The girlfriend is at home in isolation and works at a law firm, which shut down its office in order for it to be deep cleaned and sanitized. The DPM tested negative on Friday but was advised to self-quarantine.

After several of the officers who attended the party got sick, the Office of the Judiciary shut down the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre to control the spread of the virus. There are fears even more officers got infected with the virus but have not been tested. Health officials are only testing people on Grand Bahama who display COVID-19 symptoms.

The tables have turned on the police officers who have been locking Bahamians up and marching them to court for not wearing masks and for breaching emergency orders.

Officers’ irresponsible actions have forced the Commissioner of Police to deploy police officers from New Providence to Grand Bahama to oversee the two-week lockdown that begins on Thursday.

Will the Commissioner discipline these officers for having a large gathering and not adhering to the same guidelines that average Bahamians are urged to follow? Will the Commissioner speak out on this matter or will it be swept under the rug?

Stay tuned.

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