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GB cases explode one week into lockdown

Nearly one week after Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced a two-week lockdown for Grand Bahama, 21 people tested positive on the island for the coronavirus today.

That’s more than half of the 40 new cases confirmed today in The Bahamas, which now has 382 cases.

The GB cases range in age from 18 to 57.

Though Grand Bahama is under lockdown, some residents aren’t taking Emergency Orders seriously. 20 people were arrested over the weekend for breaches.

According to police, three men were arrested in the Eight Mile Rock area after they were found in breach of orders. One of the men was arrested when he was found selling alcoholic beverages from his home.

In the Central area, officers arrested four men, two of whom were found operating a barber shop during the lockdown and another on the streets for drug possession.

A man was also arrested on Sunday morning when he was seen driving a vehicle by officers on patrol. Upon seeing the officers the man sped off, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into bushes in the area of Midshipman Road.

The driver of the vehicle was taken to Rand Memorial Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Amid a second wave of coronavirus cases, critics have accused the Competent Authority of taking the lazy way out by implementing lockdowns instead of partnering with local businesses and stepping up education efforts to ensure that safety protocols are adhered to.

There are 16 new cases of COVID-19 on New Providence, two new cases on Exuma and one new case on Cat Island.

There are 190 confirmed cases in Grand Bahama, 151 confirmed cases in New Providence, 21 confirmed cases in Bimini, 6 confirmed cases in the Berry Islands, 4 confirmed cases in Cat Cay, 3 confirmed cases in Moore’s Island, 3 confirmed cases in Cat Island, 3 confirmed cases in Exuma, and 1 case in Great Guana Cay.

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