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Former reporter making enemies on new govt job

Former Eyewitness News reporter Matthew Moxey is quickly making enemies among his new colleagues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to his poor work ethic.

Moxey was appointed First Secretary and dispatched to the Foreign Affairs office in New York in March.

Though he was eager to show off his glamorous new position overseas and seized every opportunity to snap selfies at high profile events, including a recent United Nations conference, employees in the New York office claim Moxey is nowhere to be found when it is time to put in actual work in the office.

Sources tell us, Moxey is earning a handsome salary off of taxpayers but he has barely put in a full day of work in the office in three months as he is too busy parading his hot boyfriend around New York like two tourists on vacation.

When he does show up for events, frustrated colleagues say Moxey opts for inappropriately tight attire not fitting for a diplomat.

They have complained to their superiors in New Providence but to no avail as Moxey has not been disciplined for his slack behavior.

They want him transferred back to The Bahamas and have warned that if Moxey continues to go unchecked, his behavior could become a source of international embarrassment for the Davis Administration.

Moxey was still an inexperienced reporter who had barely worked for three years in the news industry when he landed the job of a lifetime rubbing shoulders with high-level government officials in New York.

His colleagues believe he is too green for the position and is punching well below his weight.

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