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Former House Speaker Oswald Ingraham dies

Former South Eleuthera Member of Parliament Oswald Ingraham passed away on Monday night.

Ingraham had an exceptional career in politics, serving as an MP, Speaker of the House of Assembly and acting Governor General.

He represented the South Eleuthera constituency from 2002 to 2012 and served as Speaker of the House of Assembly from May 2002 to May 2007.

He also served as Deputy to the Governor General, a point of pride for the young boy from Tarpum Bay who rose to prominence to grace the halls of Parliament and Government House.

In October, the book, “From Island Lad to Honoured Statesman of the Bahamas: A Brief Biography of the Honourable James Oswald Ingraham” was published, telling the story of Ingraham’s remarkable life.

In it, Rev. Fr. James B. Moultrie wrote, “Ingraham’s life is the story of a Christian Family Island young man who made a mark on the history of The Bahamas. His life proves that one can rise above one’s circumstances and become a blessing to many.”

May he Rest In Peace.

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