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Foreign pilots detained by Immigration in Abaco before plane crash

An American pilot and a Venezuelan pilot flew a Lear Jet into Abaco over the weekend but were held by officers from the Department of Immigration days before the aircraft plummeted into nearby bushes, according to law enforcement sources on the island.

It is unclear why the two foreigners were being held and if they are still in custody or how the two Bahamians got access to the plane. However, those close to the two men are adamant they did not steal the aircraft.

The foreign pilots said they have no idea how the two Bahamian pilots got to fly the plane, which crashed minutes after attempting to take off from Treasure Cay International Airport on Monday.

The Westwind N790JR landed in Treasure Cay from the Dominican Republic on Friday.

Jason Allen and Levan Paul died in the fiery crash, which left the plane engulfed in flames.

Police received reports of the crash shortly around 3:30pm.

#“Upon arrival, officers discovered an airplane in bushes some distance away from the Treasure Cay Airport fully engulfed,” according to police.

“Initial enquiries revealed that the airplane was observed taxiing and a short time later smoke and flames were seen coming from the airplane."

Residents trudged through bushes to get to the plane and discovered the bodies of the two men inside the wreckage.

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