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Food store lines are crazy

Grocery stores are already crammed with people panic buying food ahead of the two-week national lockdown that begins at 10 tonight.

Bahamians woke up at the crack of dawn and lined up outside grocery stores before they opened at 7am to get a head start on their shopping before the lines get really crazy.

The lines of people loaded down with reusable shopping bags and five gallon water bottles are getting longer by the minute. Some lines are wrapped around the building and extending into parking lots. The parking lots are crammed with cars.

In one popular food store out West, the bread shelves were empty and being restocked and most of the chips are gone!

Bahamians aren’t taking any chances. After today, they won’t be able to shop again until Wednesday or Friday and if the last set of lockdowns are anything to go by, the lines will be even longer then.

Amid a huge spike in coronavirus cases, which now total 674, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced the last minute lockdown last night, giving Bahamians just 24 hours notice. He warned that the government could impose another two-week lockdown when the upcoming lockdown ends, if necessary.

New cases increased by 31 yesterday - 22 on Grand Bahama and 9 on New Providence.

God help us!

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