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FNN MP Adrian Gibson marries to prevent girlfriend from testifying

Embattled Long Island MP Adrian Gibson married his girlfriend during a small and understated ceremony to prevent police from calling her to the witness stand to testify against him in his high-profile corruption trial.

Gibson who usually catalogues every moment on social media posted nothing about his wedding ceremony and new marital status as he seeks to stay out of jail.

The former executive chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is secretly panicking after one of his co-conspirators, Tanya Demeritte, flipped the script on him and pleaded guilty to bribing Gibson to secure lucrative WSC contracts during his tenure.

After initially pleaded not guilty, the parking attendant changed her plea to guilty to avoid facing trial alongside Gibson and five others in the WSC scandal.

Demeritte received a minor fine and will now testify against him.

Gibson’s ex-fiancée Alexandria Mackey is also listed as a witness in the case against him.

To ensure another of his lovers doesn’t do the same, he quickly married her as an individual can refuse to testify against their spouse.

Gibson, who often spoken out against corruption while he served as WSC executive chairman, is accused of pocketing over a million dollars from WSC contracts issued to companies owned by his then-fiancée, first cousin and campaign general.

He allegedly used the money to purchase a fleet of used vehicles, property across New Providence and Long Island and a house off Shirley Street.

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Aug 06, 2022

Justice will prevail....No pillow talk will deny the Bahamian people from having their day in court. They should have never offered her any deal.

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