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FNM using court to silence critics

The FNM government continues to use the courts to silence its critics.

Wellington Roberts is currently on trial for publicly saying what most of the populace feels: “Minnis gotta go.”

Last October, Roberts participated in a protest organized by the Enough is Enough Movement in support of Atlantis employees, whose status remained in limbo during the hotel closure.

The demonstration began at the eastern parade and the crowd walked to Rawson Square.

While there, Roberts shouted on his bullhorn, “Minnis gotta go!”

This got the attention of two senior officers: Chief Superintendent Chris Wright and Superintendent Darron Nixon.

Yesterday, both officers testified that they rushed over to Roberts and asked if he had a permit to protest.

But Roberts told them that he didn’t need one because “the Queen is in charge of the country and she’s in England.”

Still, on his bullhorn, Roberts told the crowd that they would go to Parliament and throw the mace from the House of Assembly again.

The officers arrested Roberts for inciting a riot and disorderly behaviour.

Roberts’ trial continues on May 25.

He is an independent candidate in the upcoming general election.

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