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FNM Torchbearer appointed NIB consultant

FNM Torchbearers Youth Association member Gabrielle Mckenzie has scored a high-paying consultancy job at the National Insurance Board, further enraging NIB employees.

Mckenzie recently ran for Torchbearers president but lost to Carlyle Bethel, the son of Attorney General Carl Bethel.

She may have lost out in the TYA election but young Ms. Mckenzie won a six-figure salary as a consultant despite having no experience.

Before this big time NIB appointment, she was being trained as a hostess at a local company. So imagine how furious NIB employees were to find out that after years on the job, they are working at a lower level than an inexperienced young woman whose biggest qualification is being a staunch FNM supporter who takes selfies with party leaders at FNM functions.

The government has put a freeze on hires and increment payments but is still managing to find money to pay the high salaries of party supporters who are being thrust into senior positions they are not qualified to fill.

Just look at FNM Chairman Carl Culmer’s wife Sheena who went from serving as a junior clerk doing filing and data entry in the Treasury Department to being hired as a Human Resources Consultant at NIB along with Sigrid Bain.

Both women are now learning the hard way how NIB employees operate. Staff members have refused to train them so they have nothing to do and only speak to each other.

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