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FNM MP charged with assault on wife

A member of the governing party has been charged with assaulting his estranged wife.

Hank Johnson, the FNM Member of Parliament for Central Eleuthera, was arrested after his wife pressed charges against him.

Police have also charged Johnson’s wife and brother-in-law with assaulting him outside his sweetheart’s place in Coral Harbour Saturday morning.

The brother-in-law reportedly beat up the cheating MP as he left his love-nest because police have failed on multiple complaints of domestic abuse made by his sister.

Johnson’s wife and brother-in-law are set to be arraigned tomorrow. But Johnson won’t appear alongside them.

That’s because his file has been sent to the Commissioner of Police for review.

He is on police bail until Friday until a decision is made regarding his fate.

Now, we at The Gallery know from experience that this means that Johnson won’t face justice for his alleged actions.

Clearly, justice is not blind when you’re a member of the FNM government

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