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FNM having PLP candidates followed

The Free National Movement (FNM) is having certain Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidates in the upcoming election followed in a bid to find dirt on them.

FNM trolls were hired to spy on candidates in hopes of catching them in a compromising position to create a scandal that would detract from the negative press the Minnis Administration is getting over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, crime and the travel visa scandal.

It is being coordinated by a Free National Movement candidate, who runs a security company.

Known FNM trolls were caught tailing candidates and recording them on camera phones. They even went as far as flying drones to spy on candidates who live in gated communities they couldn’t get access to.

They were advised that the FNM needs to be re-elected at any cost.

Last week, one of the party’s trolls released a social media video designed to discredit journalist Clint Watson by piecing together clips of an old interview Watson did while at ZNS, discussing his news coverage of then Prime Minister Perry Christie as he travelled the world for international meetings.

The FNM suggested that Watson was hammering the Minnis Administration over the travel visa scam on his popular show Beyond the Headlines because Minnis wouldn’t allow Watson to accompany him on trips like Christie did.

However, the dirty move backfired when BTH fans came to Watson’s defense and accused the FNM of stooping so low to win the election by targeting journalists as if they were the party’s opponents.

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