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Family Member of Officer Dodged Court After Police Commissioner Intervened

A relative of a top ranking police officer dodged a court appearance after the Police Commissioner intervened.

Keith Delancy, the husband of Deputy Commissioner Ismella Davis-Delancy, was expected to appear in court today on a charge of causing harm.

Delancy allegedly punched Troy Adams in the mouth in the presence of police officers on January 2.

It all began when Adams’ car veered off the road and crashed into the wall of the Deputy Commissioner’s home on Bay Geranium Avenue shortly before midnight.

Adams left the scene out of fear. A police car intercepted him and brought him back to the scene.

That’s when Delancy allegedly punched Adams in the mouth, causing bruising to his lip.

After the victim alleged a coverup on social media, Delancy turned himself in at the East Street South Police Station on Wednesday, January 13, with his lawyer Bjorn Ferguson.

He was arrested and charged with causing harm before he was freed on bail to appear in court.

Delancy showed up at Police Prosecutions to learn which magistrate would arraign him.

Delancy’s wife has overall responsibility for the prosecution department. She is also responsible for discipline.

But, the file never made it court or prosecutions after Commissioner Paul Rolle overrode the charging officer and decided not to proceed.

Yet, Rolle has refused to intervene as scores of young Bahamians have been treated like criminals for breaking the curfew or trying to earn a living.

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