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Fake lawyer busted smuggling dope into prison

A fake lawyer was caught trying to smuggle three pounds of ganja into the prison on Friday.

The woman, who claimed to work at the top law firm of Evans and Co, had the drugs taped to her body.

Investigators believe that the marijuana was intended for several inmates in Maximum Security.

Over several months, the woman has reportedly visited scores of inmates while pretending to be a lawyer.

But her cover was blown earlier this week when officials caught her passing a phone to an inmate.

She was allowed to leave the compound with a warning.

But jail bosses called in cops after learning the woman wasn’t a lawyer.

Despite her close call, the woman went back to the prison posing as a lawyer once again on Friday.

She was busted with marijuana and is expected to appear in court next week.

Lawyer-client visits at the prison aren’t subjected to the same scrutiny as civilian visits.

Civilian visits at the prison were banned since last March as part of COVID-19 protocols.

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