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Emergency Medical Technician tests positive for COVID-19

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) has confirmed that an Emergency Medical Technician on New Providence has tested positive for COVID-19 after developing symptoms.

There is no history of travel and exposure points toward community-based spread, according to the PHA.

The Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health is now carrying out ongoing contact tracing. 10 persons connected to the EMT have been placed in quarantine.

It is unclear if any of those persons in quarantine were hospital patients.

“PHA ambulances and the impacted EMS locations have been professionally cleaned and sanitized,” according to a PHA statement.

EMS services will continue as usual.

In May, 22 healthcare workers – five physicians, one physiotherapist, two trained clinical nurses, one domestic staff member, seven registered nurses, six patient care assistants and technicians - tested positive for coronavirus.

In April, 225 healthcare workers had to be tested following an incident at Princess Margaret Hospital where an asymptomatic patient on a medical-surgical ward tested positive for COVID-19.

The Bahamas has been hit with a resurgence of coronavirus cases, with more than 150 people testing positive.

Health officials have blamed the spike on Bahamians traveling abroad.

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