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Elsworth Johnson desperate to become FNM Chairman

One-term member of parliament Elsworth Johnson is desperate to remain relevant by doing and saying whatever it takes to be elected Free National Movement Chairman at the party’s convention this month.

In his quest to remain in the headlines, Johnson cried victimization over the decision to replace Acting Road Traffic Controller Bradley Sands with former controller Ross Smith.

However, the hypocritical Johnson appears to have selective amnesia as the FNM government that he served in sent Smith home from Road Traffic and brought in Sands, a staunch FNM supporter.

However, Smith wasn’t the only public servant in the former government’s line of fire.

The Minnis administration also fired BAIC General Manager Troy Sampson and Deputy General Manager Stephen Burrows, along with employee Antoine Thompson.

Sharon Gardiner Taylor from NIB and Melissa Hall at the Bridge Authority also got torched.

On the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Johnson and company shipped Commissioner Ellison Greenslade off to London and forced his ACPs Clayton Fernander, Ken Strachan and Leamond Deleveaux to go on vacation leave.

But look how that turned out? Fernander, Strachan and Deleveaux have returned to active duty and Greenslade is having tea with the Queen while Johnson is jobless and powerless.

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