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Drug smuggler fined in cocaine bust

A deejay who pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle a kilo of cocaine into the United States has been fined $20,000.

Reginald Evans, 22, had to pay half of his fine in order to be released. The balance must be paid by the end of July.

Evans was headed to Boston, Massachusetts when Customs and Border Patrol agents busted him on May 23.

The agents alerted local police officers, who searched Evans and found a brick of cocaine taped to his back.

Evans allegedly told officers that he had been recruited by a man, known as “Rod”, to smuggle the cocaine.

According to Evans, he was told that the drugs would be stashed in a bathroom in the airport terminal B40.

Evans found the drugs in a trash bin and taped it to his back.

The drug smuggler pleaded guilty at his arraignment before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

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