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Dr. Michael Darville discharged from Doctors Hospital

Progressive Liberal Party Senator Dr. Michael Darville has been discharged from Doctors Hospital more than a week after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Dr. Darville and PLP leader Philip Brave Davis visited Doctors Hospital earlier this month to be examined after experiencing symptoms consistent with the virus, which has infected over 1,800 Bahamians.

Both men tested positive and were admitted to hospital.

Darville, the former minister of Grand Bahama, said he will complete his recovery at home.

“Many thanks to the medical staff for the excellent health care delivered to me. I further thank the many well wishers and persons of goodwill all across this country for their love, kind words of compassion, encouragement and prayers,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

He urged Bahamians to continue to protect themselves by taking precautionary measures.

“Remember Bahamians, be vigilant in consistently sanitizing your hands and surfaces, in wearing your masks and in practicing physical distancing. Where necessary, please avoid crowds and other large gatherings. The experts advise that these simple acts represent half of the battle against the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

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