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Dr. Duane Sands had to get House clerk tested

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Former Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands had to step in and get a Parliamentary staffer tested for COVID-19 after his successor Renward Wells failed to return House of Assembly employees’ calls.

House Speaker Halson Moultrie reached out to Wells on Friday to have the clerk tested but he never returned his calls. Moultrie then reached out to Dr. Sands who then had the woman tested.

This is the same Dr. Sands who was forced to resign and replaced with the inadequate Renward Wells, who is known for not answering or returning calls.

The employee in question told Chief Clerk David Forbes last week Monday that she was not feeling well. However, he insisted she did not have the virus and told her to return to work, where she interacted with several members of parliament during the House sitting on Wednesday.

Employees, who were exposed to the positive case, were told they have to either pay for their own COVID tests at a private facility like Doctors Hospital West or they could contact the Ministry of Health and ask to be tested.

They are outraged at how they are being treated as public servants.

Members of Parliament are still expected to meet tomorrow, despite the positive covid case, for a short session with a reduced number of MPs present, according to Cabinet Office.

The House is scheduled to be sanitized and deep cleaned today, according to the statement released on Tuesday evening.

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