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Dr. Dahl-Regis making comeback to COVID-19 Task Force

Former COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis is making a comeback one month after she stepped aside from day-to-day operations.

She is expected to be present at today’s live news conference hosted by the Ministry of Health and Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis at 5pm.

The decision to bring Dahl-Regis back is the result of a loss of public confidence in the Ministry of Health leadership team including new Health Minister Renward Wells, who seems lost during the pandemic and can only read a prepared speech, as well as Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan, who always seems nervous during news conferences and barely gives direct answers to questions from the media.

The ministry’s credibility has taken a hit since the forced resignation of Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands.

There have also been murmurings that Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen is looking to make an exit.

The daily COVID-19 dashboard has also been extremely late since Dahl-Regis’ departure. Health officials failed to release Sunday’s dashboard. Saturday’s dashboard was not released until Sunday at 12:50am.

Health officials are hoping Dahl-Regis will bring more organization to the task force and restore the public’s confidence during the health crisis, which has seen over 1700 Covid-19 cases and over 30 deaths, including the recent death of a Sandilands nurse.

Dr. Dahl-Regis was appointed in March and agreed to serve until the end of June.

“She also agreed to extend her service, which will end shortly. Dr. Dahl-Regis will continue to offer strategic advice to the government and the prime minister but will be stepping aside from day-to-day operations,” the Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement announcing her departure in July.

“Dr. Dahl-Regis has put in place strategies, policies and procedures as it relates to managing COVID-19 and is confident in the team that will be led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan.”

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