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Double murder suspect almost killed ex before

He’s accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and her daughter this morning.

But should Travon Stevens, 36, have been walking free in the first place?

In 2016, a magistrate sentenced Stevens to three years in prison after he broke into Wendina Smith’s home, put her in a headlock and shot her in the leg.

He also pointed his gun at Smith’s mother and sister and threatened to kill them if they went to police.

Despite Stevens’ clear intent to kill, police charged him with causing grievous bodily harm instead of attempted murder.

He faced a maximum of seven years’ imprisonment. But with his guilty plea, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

But get this, Stevens only served two years in prison once getting time off for good behaviour.

It appears to be a pattern of conduct for Stevens. Smith claimed he physically abused her prior to the shooting.

The day before her murder, Stevens estranged girlfriend, whom he also allegedly abused, reported to police that he’d tried to break into her home.

He allegedly succeeded this morning and killed his girlfriend and daughter in their beds.

It appears that police have blood on their hands. Had they properly charged Stevens, he wouldn’t have been free to re-offend.

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