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Doctors: there is no more space for COVID-19 patients

The Bahamas’ main health care facilities have no more space for COVID-19 positive persons and health care teams are stretched beyond measure, according to President of the Consultant Physician Staff Association Dr. Sabriquet Pinder-Butler, who says doctors are “disheartened” by the alarming number of COVID deaths.

48 people have died from the virus and 79 people are hospitalized.

Pinder-Butler says she hopes that lessons were learnt from the government’s prior attempt at reopening the Bahamian economy and that the relevant authorities would make more of an effort - with proper consultation with all stakeholders - to protect our borders, monitor public health and social compliance, and secure our economic future as a sovereign nation.

“Since the re-opening of our borders, we have been exposed to an exponential surge in COVID-19 positive cases resulting in a significant strain on our health care workers who are experiencing burnout and even more exposures,” Pinder said on Thursday.

“We are also disheartened by the alarming increase in patient deaths related to COVID-19, as well as the recent loss of our nursing colleague who worked along with our healthcare team at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center.”

Before the government reopened the country’s borders on July 1, there were 104 Covid-19 cases. However, the number of confirmed cases has since skyrocketed to 1,923 following the decision to allow Bahamians who travelled for less than 72 hours up re-enter the country without Covid-19 tests and mandatory quarantining. Following several unpopular lockdowns, the government is once again moving to reopen the economy next week.

As a result, The CPSA says it feels obligated to publicly appeal to Bahamians to adhere to safety protocols.

“This pandemic will not come to an end any time soon. We understand that the people of The Bahamas need to see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding our physical as well as our economic well-being as a nation,” said Pinder-Butler.

“We cannot afford to lose any more of our physicians, nurses or other healthcare members to COVID-19 nor to physical and mental exhaustion,” she added.

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