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DNA Leader Arinthia Komolafe “arrested for unlawful assembly”

Democratic National Alliance Leader Arinthia Komolafe and several of the third party’s candidates in the upcoming election were summoned to Central Police Station for questioning in connection with a recent protest.

Party spokesperson Stephen Nesbitt said Komolafe has been “arrested for unlawful assembly.”

He decried the large walkabout Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis led in Centreville earlier this month to campaign for the Free National Movement’s candidate in that constituency. The DNA spokesperson questioned whether the political event, attended by dozens of FNM members going from door to door, was a “lawful event.”

DNA members turned up at the police station on Monday morning and cautioned police not to allow the Minnis Administration to use them as political tools.

The party’s Vice Chair slammed the government’s intimidation tactics and declared that the Minnis Administration is the worst government in the history of the Bahamas.

“This is not democracy,” said one DNA supporter as police officers looked on from the station’s entrance.

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