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Davis travels to US to visit Bishop Hanchell

Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip Davis travelled to North Carolina this week to personally offer his well wishes and support to Bishop Walter Hanchell, who is battling stomach cancer.

Hanchell has documented his inspiring journey on social media since his shocking diagnosis earlier this year.

Hanchell, who has lost his hair and his appetite, has undergone hours-long chemotherapy treatments and will need surgery.

His family has been by his side throughout his treatment.

Davis and PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell felt compelled to visit the Bishop, who has fed thousands of Bahamians through his program, Great Commission Ministries.

Each week, thousands of families that have fallen on hard times line up outside of the facility on Wulff Road to get their only hot meal of the day.

Davis was applauded for putting his political campaign on hold to visit Hanchell during his time of need.

“Kudos to the PLP leader for flying to NC to offer support to the good Bishop who has done so much for the hungry,” said one resident.

“This is the type of political leader I can get behind. One who shows genuine empathy and compassion for others,” said Neil Rolle.

Davis and Mitchell returned from North Carolina on Tuesday.

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