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Davis and Cooper walk out of House of Assembly

Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip Davis and his deputy Chester Cooper walked out of the House of Assembly moments ago over House Speaker Halson Moultrie’s “wholly inappropriate” ruling.

Cooper gave notice to the speaker of a point of privilege.

“Golden Gates indicated in his presentation that I misled the House of Assembly in saying that "this is the first time, the government is borrowing from the IMF". The point of privilege was to correct the record on the matter,” said Cooper.

The Exumas and Ragged Island MP attempted to read a statement but he was shut down by Moultrie.

“He acted as judge and jury,” Cooper exclaimed.”

“The Speaker was plain wrong and his ruling wholly inappropriate,” he added.

“The facts are that in 2009 when the Bahamas received SDRs from the IMF, this was akin to receiving a dividend and not a loan. The record must be corrected that this FNM administration is the first to take a loan from the IMF. Period!”

In April, Davis was kicked out of the House

after Moultrie accused him of disrespecting his authority.


The two got into a back and forth over how long the Opposition leader could speak.

The Opposition has often accused the House Speaker of repeatedly demonstrating his inability to know his role as Speaker.

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