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Darren Henfield campaign general awarded big Grand Cay contract

A sanitation company, owned and operated by the campaign general of rejected North Abaco MP Darren Henfield, was not only awarded a fat contract under the last Minnis Administration but forged an employee’s signature so he could continue to receive payments even after the company’s machines broke down.

Russell’s Sanitation Service is a Grand Cay-based company owned and operated by Joseph Russell and Kenny Russell, who spearheaded Henfield’s unsuccessful re-election campaign.

$144,000 was paid out to the company.

Russell’s service machines broke down preventing the company from carrying out sanitation services.

Chief Councilor Curry was instructed not to make further payments to Russell’s Sanitation as long as it was not providing services.

However, in defiance of those orders, Curry signed off on payments to Russell’s Sanitation anyway in order for the company to be paid.

Charmaine Pervil, who works in the Administrator’s Office, refused to signed the documents. However, Russell took it upon himself to forge her signature in order to collect $6,000 a month.

Upon learning of this fraudulent act, Pervil confronted Russell, prompting an investigation by the Department of Environmental Health Services.

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