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Dahl-Regis out as COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator

After serving as the government’s mouthpiece on covid-related matters in recent months, Health Consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis is out as lead coordinator.

Following speculation by the media that she had been tossed to the side, the Office of the Prime Minister confirmed tonight that the polarizing Dahl-Regis would be “stepping aside from day-to-day operations.”

”Dr. Dahl-Regis was appointed in March and agreed to serve until the end of June. She also agreed to extend her service, which will end shortly,” according to the statement.

Observers have questioned the real reason Dahl-Regis is stepping down. Was the government not pleased with the way she handled Ministry of Health press conferences? Is she tired of reporting to a part-time Minister of Health who makes up new restrictions as he goes along and has not attended a single Health press conference in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Did Dahl-Regis get a better offer and decided to not extend her contract further?

While the government was applauded for springing into action in the days after the first coronavirus case was confirmed in March, the ensuing months have been marred by multiple missteps.

Who could forget the disastrous alphabetized shopping schedule that lasted for two minutes or the controversial decision to close the borders to Bahamians, leaving them stuck abroad for three months? This, while six Americans were allowed to disembark a private aircraft all because they donated test swabs.

Oh yeah, and the dumb decision to reopen borders to visitors only to shut down public beaches over a long holiday weekend one week later. Then there’s that time health officials didn’t know if 135 Mexicans brought in on work permits by Bakers Bay took covid-19 tests before entering the country.

One would understand why Dahl-Regis would be at her wit’s end with the least accessible and least effective Minister of Health in recent memory.

However, OPM says she will continue to offer “strategic advice” to the Government and the Prime Minister.

The team will now be led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan, who often stumbles through responses to questions put forth by the media during Ministry of Health press conferences and rarely ever gives direct answers.

The Prime Minister will apparently have more to say on Dahl-Regis’ departure in a National Address on Sunday.

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