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D’Aguilar caught breaking curfew at Baha Mar

While the average Bahamian was stuck at home after 9pm curfew last night, Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar was living it up at Baha Mar.

D’Aguilar, who was not wearing a face mask, was spotted shaking a leg with tourists at a lounge on the mega-resort’s property.

The 9pm curfew, outlined in the emergency powers order, does not apply to tourists staying at resort properties.

It turns out this rule doesn’t apply to ministers either as D’Aguilar was having himself a good old time past 9pm even though he is not a guest at the West Bay Street resort.

Earlier this week, D’Aguilar implored Bahamians to avoid large gatherings and to wear face masks in public to stop the spread of Covid-19. It came after the US State Department urged Americans not to travel to the Bahamas due to high levels of COVID-19 in the country.

However, it seems D’Aguilar doesn’t take his own advice. Though D’Aguilar is fully vaccinated, the fully vaccinated can still contract and spread Covid-19, particularly the highly contagious Delta variant.

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