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Criminal Records Office deceiving public about closed office

The Criminal Records Office is attempting to cover up a confirmed case of covid-19 within its department by claiming that the Office has been shut down for two weeks because the country’s borders are closed.

But here’s the thing: borders remain open and only domestic travel will stop as of Tuesday.

After the Gallery revealed that one police officer assigned to CRO tested positive for COVID-19 this week and six others began displaying symptoms, CRO posted a sign on its door on Friday notifying the public that the office would be closed until August 7, 2020 “due to the closure of our borders.”

However, CRO is not being honest with the public. Though Bahamians need “police records” for international travel, they also require police character certificates when applying for a job. So why would CRO stop providing this important service just because borders were closed?

Police officers are outraged by this coverup and pointed out that the Criminal Records Office remained open for months after the government first closed the country’s borders in March. So why was the Office closed this time?

Additionally, the government reversed its decision to close borders and is only prohibiting domestic travel.

If borders were closed, why would Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis make this plea to Bahamians during a live Ministry of Health press conference on Friday?

“I want to make a very strong plea to Bahamians and residents considering or planning to travel overseas for nonessential travel, to not go overseas at this time,” Minnis said.

“If you are thinking of travelling for non-essential or emergency reasons, please, I beg you, stay at home at this time.”

A police officer in the Criminal Records Office tested positive for the coronavirus three days ago. However, the Office remained open to the public until six other officers started feeling sick.

Instead of following the lead of other entities, including Bahamasair, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut Freeport, which advised the public that employees were infected and steps were being taken to sanitize their respective buildings, the Criminal Records Office has chosen the route of deception.

Many countries, including the United States, have been open and honest about the number of police officers infected with covid-19 so why is the Royal Bahamas Police Force seeking to suppress this information?

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