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Covid-19 spreads to Exuma; GB cases rise despite “laughable” lockdown

Covid-19 has spread to Exuma, where a 27-year-old woman tested positive for the virus today. The potentially deadly virus has officially spread to nine islands and cays in The Bahamas, which is currently under a weekend lockdown despite the decision to leave borders open to visitors.

It is unclear if the Exuma woman has a history of travel as the Ministry of Health has stopped including this information in its daily dashboard.

On Grand Bahama, 10 additional people tested positive for COVID-19 despite a two-week lockdown. Residents there have called the lockdown laughable as a sizable percentage of the island’s workforce are considered essential workers. Those residents who are not essential workers are still on the streets everyday under the guise of going to the grocery store, pharmacy and gas station which remain open from Monday to Saturday.

The new GB cases are two women - ages 21 and 39 - and eight men, ages 19 - 48.

On New Providence, a 72-year-old man and four women, ages 88, 72, 27 and 29 learned they are infected.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 342. There are 169 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Grand Bahama, 135 confirmed cases on New Providence, 21 confirmed cases on Bimini, 6 confirmed cases on the Berry Islands, 4 confirmed cases on Cat Cay, 3 confirmed cases on Moore’s Island, 2 confirmed cases on Cat Island, 1 case on Great Guana Cay and 1 confirmed case on Exuma.

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