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COVID-19 reportedly hits Ministry of Works GB, no word from health officials

A top official at the Ministry of Works on Grand Bahama has reportedly come down with the highly contagious and potentially deadly COVID-19, and now staff there want to know why health officials have yet to assess them.

Sources have revealed that Clint Bain, head of the Ministry’s Grand Bahama office, informed Ministry officials last Friday that he tested positive for the virus and was unable to assist with hurricane preparations for that island. The Gallery published numerous pictures recently showing that storm preparations for a number of identified shelters and other government buildings were not done just hours ahead of hurricane Isaias’ trek past that northern island. Reportedly, no materials were allotted to secure any of those buildings.

Staff who would have been exposed to Bain in the days before he confirmed his diagnosis are worried that to date no contact tracing by health officials has been done and, to make matters more frightening, no efforts have been made to ensure the office is properly sanitized.

Since Bain’s revelation, staff have reportedly been coming down with flu-like symptoms and feeling unwell.

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