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Court tosses out politically motivated case of NIB manager

The former Minnis Administration lost another politically motivated court case as the Magistrates Court threw out charges against National Insurance Board manager Selena Sweeting, declaring she has “no case to answer."

In August 2017, Sweeting was accused of extorting $5,000 from Sean Rahming between June 27 and July 17, 2017.

She was also accused of soliciting the same sum from Rahming during the same period.

The failed witch hunt launched by the Free National Movement on Sweeting inflicted another blackeye on former Attorney General Carl Bethel.

Following the FNM’s election victory in 2017, the government targeted prominent Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) members including former senator Frank Smith, former cabinet ministers Ken Dorsett and Shane Gibson and Sweeting, who were all dragged before the courts in 2017.

The Minnis-led government failed to win even one case, with Smith and Gibson being acquitted of all charges and Sweeting’s case being tossed out on Wednesday.

The Dorsett case remains in limbo.

It signals another embarrassment for the woefully inadequate FNM government, which was more focused on victor’s justice than improving the quality of life of the average Bahamian.

Sweeting, who was humiliated in front of loved ones and colleagues, is now free to get on with her life but it may prove difficult following the irreparable damage done to her reputation.

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