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Conch infested with insects during Potter’s Cay shutdown

Members of the Bahamas Dock and Allied Venues Association are calling on the Competent Authority to treat them with compassion in the operation of their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The BSAVA, which represents vendors from Potter’s Cay, Montague Ramp and Golden Gates Farmer’s Market, feels it is an injustice that they have been unable to sell although they are prepared and equipped to adhere to safety protocols.

Their inventory has been sitting in the water for several weeks and has become infested with insects resulting in the loss of several thousand conchs which translate into lost income for vendors.

Wendy Constantine, President of the BSAVA said fish and conch vendors are being told by the Authority to sell their items to the fish houses.  She explained that vendors purchase items not to sell wholesale but to sell retail. Therefore, this method of sale would not be beneficial to them.

Constantine is calling on the government to revisit the new emergency order to include them in the same fashion that other restaurants and businesses are allowed to operate, whether through take out or curbside.  

“They are treating the MILKS a certain way so why can’t they treat the RAISINS the same way,” asked vendors.

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