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Complete lockdown for Heroes Day holiday weekend

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Competent Authority will impose a complete lockdown on New Providence over the long holiday weekend in order to keep Bahamians indoors on National Heroes Day, which will be observed on Monday, October 12.

The government also intends to adjust the nightly curfew, which will call for New Providence residents to be inside their homes at an earlier hour.

The current curfew is 10pm to 5am. Government insiders tell the Gallery they will move that time up.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis will announce the new restrictions in the House of Assembly on Wednesday morning in response to rising Covid-19 cases and daily covid deaths on New Providence.

It contradicts his earlier promise that there is no need for further lockdowns. However, insiders say with cases approaching 5,000 and at least 100 covid deaths confirmed, Minnis doesn’t know what else to do to curb the COVID-19 spread on New Providence.

Sources close to Minnis told the Gallery that he considered a full lockdown for a much longer period but was persuaded against such aggressive measures following the widespread backlash his administration received over his previous “no notice” lockdown.

Talk of another lockdown is why hotels won’t commit to reopening until the state of emergency expires.

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